Extended Teams

Transform your construction projects with the strategic advantage of extended teams. Experience unmatched efficiency, cost savings, and expertise, all tailored to meet your project’s unique requirements. Read on to learn more about how our extended teams solution can elevate your next civil engineering endeavor.

Why Choose Extended Teams?

Access to Diverse Talent Pool​

Tap into a global network of highly qualified professionals specialized in various aspects of civil engineering. From structural design to project management, extended teams ensure your project receives the best minds in the field.

Accelerated Project Delivery

Stay ahead of schedule and within budget by leveraging the efficiency of extended teams. Benefit from round-the-clock productivity with team members operating in different time zones, ensuring continuous progress towards project completion.


Reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining a large in-house team. With extended teams, you only pay for the expertise and resources you need, optimizing your project budget without compromising on quality.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adapt to project demands with ease by scaling your team up or down as needed. Whether you're facing tight deadlines or unexpected challenges, our extended teams provide the flexibility required to meet project milestones efficiently.

Enhanced Collaboration

Break down geographical barriers and foster seamless collaboration among team members, regardless of their location. Our advanced communication and project management tools facilitate real-time interaction, promoting synergy and driving project success.

Risk Mitigation

Minimize project risks by leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our extended teams. With a diverse talent pool and rigorous quality assurance processes, we ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standards, mitigating potential setbacks along the way.

Why You Should Choose Consstruct To Be Your Extended Team

Consstruct specializes in tackling complex civil engineering challenges, leveraging their deep understanding of CAD software to deliver precise and innovative solutions.

With a commitment to excellence, Consstruct maintains high quality standards in all its CAD drafting services, employing rigorous checks and balances to guarantee superior outcomes.

By offering offshore services, Consstruct provides cost savings without compromising on quality. Their efficiency in CAD drafting helps reduce overall project costs through streamlined processes and minimized errors.

Understanding that each project has unique requirements, Consstruct tailors its CAD drafting services to meet specific client needs, ensuring flexibility and customization in every deliverable.

Recognizing the importance of intellectual property, Consstruct implements strict data security measures to protect client information and project data throughout the collaboration.

Despite the offshore setup, Consstruct ensures seamless communication and collaboration with clients, utilizing CAD tools that support sharing and reviewing designs in real-time, fostering transparency and alignment on project goals.

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